Introduction to VigorAP Mobile Device Management

Since firmware v1.1.7, VigorAP supports "Mobile device management." With this feature, Network Administrator may block devices' Wi-Fi connection based on their categories. The following example shows how to prevent mobile devices from connecting to VigorAP; while still allow laptops to connect.

Enable Policy

Enable the management policy: Go to Mobile Device Management >> Policy then enable policy "Block Mobile Connections."

a screenshot of VigorAP Mobile Device Management Policy

After clicking OK and apply the configuration, the connections from mobile devices will be blocked.

Enable Detection

Enable Detect Mobile Device Management in Mobile Device Management >> Detection, then network administrator could check the connected station and their model and OS type.

a screenshot of VigorAP Mobile Device Management Detection


Policy execution could be checked in Syslog. (Shows [MDM] Block: device's MAC)

a screenshot of VigorAP Syslog


Mobile Device Management >> Statistics shows the statistics diagram of the Device OS and Policy.

a screenshot of VigorAP Mobile Device Management Statistics

Published On:2016-03-04 

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