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DrayTek URL Reputation
Improving Network Security

DrayTek’s URL service is a new level of protection against online threats using cloud-based technology that updates every 5 minutes to keep the network safe. This service adds an extra layer of security protection to LAN client for their online activities. There are 82 categoories in total, 10 of which are security-focused, providing comprehensive and up-to-date protection to your network.

URL Category Dynamic Real Time Threat Update
10 security-focused Categories Every 5 Minutes
82 Total Categories
Variety of Categories for Business and Home

The various categories cover network security, including malware, spyware, adware, parental control for child protection, business, social networking, and more, ensuring a safe online environment. To further enhance network security, we integrate the CTIRU list (counter terrorism internet referral unit) into our database. This enables us to block websites that may contain terrorist-related content. Additionally, our service also ensures the prevention of connecting to websites containing CSAM (child sexual abuse material). These websites would automatically categorized under both "Adult and Pornography" and "Illegal", effectively restricting access. Simply activate the URL Reputation service to maintain a secure internal while also boosting employee productivity and achieving efficient bandwidth management.

Compatible List

License Type Router Model Firmware Requirement
Silver Card Vigor3912 Series V4.3.5.1 or later
Vigor1000B, Vigor2962, Vigor3910
V4.3.2.5 or later
Vigor2952 Series, Vigor2952P Series, Vigor3220 Series V3.9.8 or later
A Card Vigor2865 Series, Vigor2865 LTE Series, Vigor2927 Series, Vigor2927 LTE Series V4.4.3 or later
Vigor2865L-5G Series, Vigor2927L-5G Series V4.4.5 or later
Vigor2866 Series, Vigor2866 LTE Series V4.4.3.1 or later
Vigor2860 Series, Vigor2860 LTE Series, Vigor2925 Series, Vigor2925 LTE Series V3.9.5 or later
Vigor2862 Series, Vigor2862 LTE Series Vigor2926 Series, Vigor2926 LTE Series V3.9.9.2 or later
Vigor2832 Series V3.9.7 or later
B Card Vigor2135 Series, Vigor2763 Series, Vigor2765 Series, Vigor2766 Series, Vigor2915 Series, V4.4.3 or later
Vigor2133 Series, Vigor2762 Series V3.9.7 or later
Vigor2620 LTE Series, VigorLTE 200n V3.9.8.6 or later