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Assisted Wi-Fi Roaming

Solve the sticky client problem and improve Wi-Fi roaming experience.

Making Transmission Effective

Disassociate the Wi-Fi clients who are out of the effective transmission range defined by custom Basic Rate or/and RSSI threshold, and force them to pick up another access point with a stronger signal.

Resource Saving

Proactively kick out the clients with a low basic rate or low RSSI can prevent the access points trying to do ineffective transmission but saving the airtime, which will results in better Wi-Fi experience for all.

No Controller Required

Assisted Roaming is a feature built in all Vigor Access Points and selected Wi-Fi routers. They operate without a wireless controller, providing an ideal solution for simple network deployment.

Stronger Signal Guaranteed

By using the "Minimum RSSI with Adjacent AP" option, the AP/Router on the same local subnet will exchange client information with each other, providing the choice to disassociate the client only when other AP detecting a stronger signal. Thus to keep the client stayed when there is no other AP nearby.

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