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Wi-Fi Marketing

Redirect the hotspot guests to the company homepage, online surveys, or display promotion message.

Display Terms-of-Use

Show the visitors the policy to use the Wi-Fi service and ask them to agree by clicking-through.

Grow Your Email List

Require the guest to leave contact info or social media accounts before they can use the Internet service.

Why DrayTek Hotspot?

Various Authentication Type

DrayTek Hotspot supports a variety of login methods to meet your business need, including Facebook Login, Google Login, SMS PIN, Voucher PIN, and RADIUS.

3rd-Party Service Compliant

DrayTek Hotspot also supports external captive portal authentication. You can keep using the Wi-Fi marketing solution you like.

Quota Management

Bandwidth management was integrated into Hotspot to control the bandwidth and session usage of the Hotspot guests.

Per Subnet/SSID Policy

Each router can have up to 4 profiles with different authentication and landing page settings, and you can apply each of them to only the selected LAN subnets or SSID.

Server Bypassing

Whitelist rules can be set up for specific NAT Rules, destination domains, IP, or ports, and source IP to bypass the captive portal. It won't affect the local services.

DrayTek Hotspot, Your Hotspot!

Portal page templates are provided so you can set it up quickly, and of course, every component is customizable. The portal page adopted responsive web design and will look good on screens of all size. Watch the video to see how DrayTek Hotspot fits the business around the world.