Assign a fixed IP address for the remote VPN peer router

When LAN-to-LAN VPN established, Vigor Router will dynamically assign an IP address from its LAN DHCP IP pool to the remote router. If needed, for PPTP VPN and SSL VPN we can configure the router to assign a fixed IP address for the remote router. Configurations below show how to allocate a fixed IP address to a remote router of LAN-to-LAN VPN connection.

Go to VPN and Remote Access >> LAN to LAN, select the profile of the VPN tunnel you would like to configure. Enter the IP address for the remote router at  Remote Gateway IP.

 a screenshot of Remote Gateway IP in TCP IP Network Settings of Vigor Router

Go to User Management >> User Profile, enter the IP address you would like to assign for the remote router as the Static IP Address.

 a screenshot of Static IP address Settings on Vigor3900 and Vigor2960

Published On: 2018-12-26 

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