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DrayTek Introduces the new VigorAP 802


Today we launched a new mesh wireless AP, the VigorAP 802. The VigorAP 802 comes with a very compact size and built-in power adapter, which offers the flexibility of deployment. The new product is a solution for business networks that needs to deliver reliable wireless connectivity to every corner.

VigorAP 802 can operate as a mesh node to work with a VigorAP 903; it can also be a wireless AP or repeater. It has a Gigabit Ethernet LAN port for optional wired connectivity. The new product offers enterprise-level features as the other VIgorAP does, including AP-Assisted roaming, Band Steering, and AirTime Fairness. And it is compatible with VigorConnect and VigorACS 2 for centralized management locally and remotely.

View detailed specification at https://www.draytek.com/products/vigorap-802/

About DrayTek

DrayTek manufactures broadband CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), including firewalls, VPN devices, load-balancing routers, wireless access points, and switches. We aim to provide reliable and highly integrated networking solutions at an affordable price and become the trusted networking partner of small and medium-sized businesses.

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