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Vigor2952 Series reviewed by PC Magazine in Greece



Our Vigor Series got the positive reviews on PC Magazine again. DrayTek Vigor2952 Series can be a perfect solution for a small-medium business with comprehensive features, such as VPN, Firewall, and Central Management Solution. The original article translated in English text shows as below.



2 WAN Ports, Central Management Support, 100 VPN Tunnels, Hardware Encryption

Article Title

A very qualitative and feature-rich Hardware Firewall to enhance the Security of your Company’s Network.

Article Content

Vigor 2952 is Draytek’s newest addition to her Hardware Firewall Portfolio for small and medium enterprise environments. It has 4 versions-2952, 2952P with PoE Lan Ports, 2952n with Wifi 802.11n (2.4 Ghz), and 2952Pn which supports both PoE and Wifi. There are no other differences among those products.

The device’s dimensions are small and there is an option to install 2952 to a rack. The main advantage of the product is the existence of dual WAN interface which can be used either in load balance mode or in failover. Actually, the first WAN port is a combo one, so the user can choose between optical fiber and RJ45. Right next to the WAN ports, there are 4 Gigabit Lan Ports. Lastly, 2952 has 2 USB Ports( one of them is USB 3.0) which can be used for connecting a printer, storage(USB stick) or a 3G/4G dongle.

One of the very good specs of 2952 is the support of High Availability feature, giving user the opportunity to connect 2 of them in Master-Slave setup in order to have smooth operation in case of failure in one of the devices. For safer communications, it supports 100 concurrent VPN tunnels, from which up to 50 can be SSL. It also contains separate coprocessor for hardware encryption of VPN connections to improve the system performance

Regarding 2952 management, this can be implemented through Vigor ACS SI centrally and you can have a very analytical view of the network (for example packet transmission), map display plus complete reports and notifications for all the incidents that require administrator’s attention. As far as the Web Interface is concerned, there’s no actual difference compared to the other Vigor models.

Other important specs we brought out are Bandwidth Management, which will help us setup the Network QoS correctly, and Central VPN Management.


About DrayTek

DrayTek manufactures broadband CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), including firewalls, VPN devices, load-balancing routers, wireless access points, and switches. We aim to provide reliable and highly integrated networking solutions at an affordable price and become the trusted networking partner of small and medium-sized businesses.

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