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DrayDDNS, a new DDNS service introduced by DrayTek




It is common that your ISP gives you a dynamic IP address, and the WAN IP address will be different every once a while. As a result, it will be difficult to access the router from the Internet since the IP address may be different anytime. In such cases, Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service can be the solution.

There are plenty of Dynamic DNS service providers, where you may sign up for an account and register a hostname that maps to the router's WAN IP address. With Dynamic DNS setup, Vigor Router will update its current WAN IP address to the server periodically, so the Internet clients will always be able to find the router by the domain name.

Now, good news comes for users. DrayDDNS, a new DDNS service developed by DrayTek, is ready for users to choose for customizing DDNS profile.

DrayDDNS service is convenient to use and easy to set up. It is DrayTek own DDNS service, which can record multiple WAN IP (IPv4) on a single domain name. Each Vigor Router is available to register one domain name. The setting of DrayDDNS is easy, just a few clicks on the router WUI then it’s done.

Currently, this service is only provided to the Vigor2925 series; therefore please use the Vigor2925 series (firmware version: and later) to perform the trial, the other series will support this feature with new firmware soon.

Please refer to FAQ for the steps to set up the DrayDDNS. 

  How to use DrayDDNS?

Please kindly give us some feedback about this new feature and service, any user experience, suggestion and issue report will be appreciated. 

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