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DIGITAL VOICE magazine interview to talk about DrayTek


Digitalvoice.it magazine interview to talk about DrayTek

The mobile revolution requires quality and reliability of network products. The DIGITAL VOICE magazine from Italy has interviewed Mr. Cesare Vecchia, a CEO of Spider Electronics and the partner of DrayTek in Italy, to talk about ICT market in Italy.

The mobile revolution requires quality and reliability of network products

Interview with Cesare Vecchia, CEO of Spider Electronics and Director of DrayTek Italy

“The range of DrayTek products covers both the professional and consumer market”

Dr. Vecchia, how the market has changed since you entered in ICT?

Spider Electronics is present in the ICT market since 1989, and in all these years the company has always been ahead of the times, offering a range of successful products in the industry Networking and Security. Spider Electronics is now focused on DrayTek products, offering Firewall, VPN, VoIP, xDSL and fiber, Wireless and Mobile solutions with innovative products that meet both current and future market trends. Our professionalism and expertise has grown during more than 25 years of activity in the field, and now Spider Electronics is considered in the Italian market an experienced and reliable company, which aims to offer a full service and technical support before and after sales - as well as a comprehensive training plan dedicated to retailers who want to deepen their knowledge in this ever-changing industry.

The digital market is in ferment; what is your vision?

The mobile revolution has changed a lot the market approach; Today millions of people are using smartphones and tablet connected to the Internet, Wifi connections are today a necessity, as are the reliability and safety. The ICT market is going to look out for new opportunities in the field of IoT, which means that in a few years the objects connected to the Internet will be millions, and accordingly security and remote management sectors are in ferment in the coming years.

Which companies represent and how are you moving? 

Spider Electronics is the official representative for Italy of DrayTek, which in addition to pay particular attention to the Quality and Reliability of its networking products, today is working a lot on management platforms, able to handle the multitude of devices that compose a network. DrayTek incorporates the management of access points and switches in a network directly into the firmware of its equipment, while for remote management provides centralized management software.

What are the Company's leading products?

Multi WAN routers to ensure the continuity of Internet connection; ADSL / VDSL / Fiber Routers, Access Point, Switch and Management software.

What are your target markets?

The range of DrayTek products covers both the Professional as well as the consumer market, so our target markets are Installers, Systems Integrators, Internet Service Providers, Internet Telephony Service Provider for the professional market, and specialized Online Store for the consumer market.

As DrayTek distinguishes itself from the competition because of special features supported by its products, in both markets we pay special attention to inform and educate retailers through specialist courses, so as to allow the end user to enjoy the various features that allow to design and maintain fast and secure networks.

Also, the Management and Control software, in part already present in the firmware of the devices themselves or via ACS SI software, will allow System Administrators to monitor and easily keep all the elements, even remote, of the whole network.

About Spider Electronics

Born in 1983, first as producer of historical modems "Spider", then sole distributor for Italy of the famous US Robotics modems, Spider Electronics has always been ahead of the times, proving to be the ideal partner to introduce in the Italian market high innovative products destined to a rapid spread of mass.

Since 1993 Spider Electronics focuses its efforts in the ICT sector and acquire new brands, including ZyXEL.

In 1997 acquires the distribution of DrayTek products, new Taiwanese player at that time concentrated in the production of modems and ISDN router, and now able to offer complete solutions for broadband connectivity, TLC, Security, and VoIP.

Today Spider Electronics focuses its efforts on DrayTek, certain that the high reliability, high performance, ease of use and affordable price are a winning strategy.

All DrayTek products contain the winning formula for their wide and rapid spread.

About DrayTek

DrayTek manufactures broadband CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), including firewalls, VPN devices, load-balancing routers, wireless access points, and switches. We aim to provide reliable and highly integrated networking solutions at an affordable price and become the trusted networking partner of small and medium-sized businesses.

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