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DrayTek Vigor2860n and Vigor2860n plus reviewed by PC PROFESSIONALE


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HSINCHU, Taiwan, DrayTek Corp. (TSE:6216), a Taiwan-based networking solutions provider, today announces that DrayTek Vigor2860n VDSL2/ADSL2+ VPN router was credited with "versatile functionalities for small businesses and professionals" by PC PROFESSIONALE which is famous ICT magazine published in Italy.

The editor, Simone Zanardi, reviewed DrayTek Vigor2860n based on its rich-featured functionalities as considering the ICT needs of professionals and small businesses. Let us firstly take a look at hardware design. The Vigor2860n is equipped with neat front panel and LED signal. On front panel, you can find that there are six-port Gigabit Ethernet LAN switch, Wireless Network, VDSL2/ADSL2+ WAN, Gigabit Ethernet WAN, and USB ports for 3/4G mobile broadband. On back panel, there are power supply, on/off switch and two adjustable and replaceable antenna as the Vigor2860n is embedded with IEEE802.11n WLAN module which can reach maximum theoretical speed of 300Mbps. You can define multiple virtual wireless networks by "VLAN configuration".

In terms of business continuity, DrayTek provides you office with load-balancing and backup through versatile WANs(VDSL2, ADSL2+, Gigabit Ethernet WAN or USB mobile connection) to realize best utilization of your subscribed broadband. Along with IPv6 Ready, DrayTek Vigor2860n plus is perfectly for next generation broadband network. With bandwidth management, you can avoid traffic congestion because of specific users or network applications.

For your wireless network, each of the wireless SSIDs can also be grouped within one of the VLANs. With creation of profiles for temporary access to guests, the guests will not access restricted network defined by network administrators. The Vigor2860n provides your business network with WDS (Wireless Distributed System) mode. It means that the Draytek device uses the Wi-Fi module is presenting itself as a client to an existing wireless network as either an access point for the connection of new terminals. It is a method to quickly extend the reach of the WiFi signal, although in fact halves the available bandwidth on the wireless network. The model 2860N-plus has a dual-band module for wireless connections in the 2.4 or 5 GHz.

Like previous models of DrayTek Vigor routers, As per tradition, the 2860N allows you to configure VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) to segment traffic and local access rules define specific areas or working groups. The VLAN can be handled via protocol 802.1q (tag) or on the basis of physical ports on the router, either wired or wireless. The tagged VLANs (802.1q) can mark data with a VLAN identifier. This identifier can be carried through an onward Ethernet switch to specific ports. The specific VLAN clients can also pick up this identifier as it is just passed to the LAN. You can set the priorities for LAN-side QoS. With comprehensive Web User Interface, you can easily assign each of VLANs to each of the different IP subnets that the router may also be operating, to provide even more isolation.

You can apply versatile firewall rules to prevent your employee from unwanted web sites. The CSM (content security management) allows you to help employees not be distracted by inappropriate contents. You can also apply an optional 30-day trial GlobalView Web Content Filter to Vigor2860.

The Vigor2860n is integrated with proper authentication and user management which allows you to define accounts with passwords specifically for LAN and WLAN. The "User Management" implemented on your router firmware can allow you to prevent any computer from accessing your Internet connection without a username or password. You can set scheduler or maximum usage time to your employees within office network. The user accounts can also be restricted by any other aspect of the firewall rule on a user-by-user basis.

The Vigor2860n can act as a VPN server to manage up to 32 concurrent tunnels for "LAN to LAN" and remote teleworkers.
With SSL VPN, Vigor2860 series let teleworkers have convenient and simple remote access to central site VPN. The teleworkers do not need to install any VPN software manually.

The Vigor2860n can be credited as a complete and versatile router for managing professional network. It is an ultimate router! The only limitation is that the USB port can only allow you to connect an external memory of FAT32 file system and maximum size of 500GB.

Italiano : PC Professionale magazine

About the full article in Italian, we appreciate written permission of Mr. Giorgio Panzeri, Direttore diPC Professionale e di Easy Arnoldo Mondadori Editore.
The article is being published on Feb. Volume of PC PROFESSIONALE (www.pcprofessionale.it)

In addition, DrayTek felt so honored to serve businesses, home users and professionals in Italy with Vigor series routers through best services and professionalism of Spider Electronics who is an official and solid distributor for DrayTek Corp.

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Spider Electronics has been being an official and solid distributor for DrayTek SMB solutions in Italy. Spider Electronics adopted isdnVigor128 USB ISDN TA and isdnVigor204 USB ISDN TA with PBX for home and business customers when DrayTek launched these two products for Apple iMac Bondi Blue. Since then, Spider Electronics introduced DrayTek Vigor series xDSL routers, broadband routers, IPPBX routers and VigorACS SI Central Management to value-added resellers, ISP/Telcos and project owners. With professional consultancy and well-organized after-sales services, Spider Electronics have been serving many professionals with word-of-mouth on behalf of DrayTek Corp.

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DrayTek manufactures broadband CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), including firewalls, VPN devices, load-balancing routers, wireless access points, and switches. We aim to provide reliable and highly integrated networking solutions at an affordable price and become the trusted networking partner of small and medium-sized businesses.

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