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DrayTek launches VigorAP900 Concurrent Dual Band AP


HSINCHU, Taiwan, DrayTek Corp. (TSE:6216), a Taiwan-based networking solutions provider, today announces that we launch VigorAP 900 Concurrent Dual Band AP for you to establish an extendable and stable wireless network for your employees and/or guests. DrayTek VigorAP 900 is equipped with 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE-PD) for easier deployment within business complex and/or hospitality. The VigorAP 900 supports 4 SSIDs and two virtual LANs (VLANs). You can separate the public and corporate network to reduce risk.

DrayTek implemented AP Management on Vigor2860 Combo WAN series and Vigor2925 Triple WAN series to let you deploy several VigorAP 900 PoE wireless access points. The VigorAP 900 is the client for the AP management. The network administrator can directly configure the VigorAP 900s through selected Vigor routers. Taking the Vigor2860 series as an example, the administrator can define the VigorAP 900's SSID, encryption rule, Mac Address control, upload/download limit right from the router. The status of the VigorAP 900s can also be viewed via the router. The wireless load balancing can be managed as well.

DrayTek VigorAP 900 is recognized as excellent quality design by "Taiwan Excellence Award".


Welcome your adoption for your business network!

Should you have queries about product availability in your country, please feel free to ask [email protected]

About DrayTek

DrayTek manufactures broadband CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), including firewalls, VPN devices, load-balancing routers, wireless access points, and switches. We aim to provide reliable and highly integrated networking solutions at an affordable price and become the trusted networking partner of small and medium-sized businesses.

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